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Today’s Two Cents

Humans are storytellers.

Whether they be oral historians, writers, visual artists, musicians, playwrights, actors, dancers, designers, cartoonists, architects, photographers or videographers... at our core people are telling their stories, the stories of their time, and perhaps stories of hope for future generations.

Even in “made-up” words such as sonder (the realization that everyone has a story) people are telling stories. For a lovely example, click here to check out this lovely video definition of sonder, composed by John Koenig.

If that sparks your curiosity, be sure to enjoy the entire series of The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows (in progress on YouTube; the book is yet to come, I believe). I’ll do my best to post a link here as soon as I am aware the book is published.


Digital design

I enjoy digital design with Adobe, Canva, HubSpot, marketing, photography, and videography.


Print isn’t dead, just like radio isn’t dead. Its audience has just shuffled, perhaps re-focused. Creating a print design is still magical to me.

Digital & Social Media

Digital and Social Media strategies and analytics all tell stories while reaching, growing, and testing. Some call it marketing. ;-)

About Jeff

I’ve worked in a variety of industries, working to put myself through college, and then my first jobs thereafter. My first job beyond cutting grass for the brother of a multiple, Pulitzer Prize winner and Vanderbilt graduate, was as the manager of all loan documentation for the largest bank in Clarksville, Tennessee, before becoming a self-contract worker, reading meters for the Clarksville Dept. of Electricity. It’s a good thing I love dogs!

Soon after getting married I took a job with the J. Peterman Company, working in what was called Special Services, This meant I was good at listening to upset customers vent, then making things all better! John Peterman is a marketing genius. I learned an incredible amount just watching him daily, noticing his eye for detail. His motto was, and remains: Absolution Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

From the Lexington, Kentucky area, Kimberly and I relocated to the small town of Crossville, Tennessee. She became the Music Director for the Crossville First United Methodist Church, and I soon became the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Cumberland County Playhouse, a popular regional theater with many young folks who later make their way to Broadway and Hollywood.

At the Cumberland County Playhouse, I worked with and learned from an incredible number of very talented people, the primary of those being the Producing Director Jim Crabtree, a wonderful storyteller and creative person.

This Yale theatre graduate has spent his life in the theater, beginning on stage as a child actor with the great Helen Hayes (“The First Lady of the American Theatre”) as both of Jim’s parents were involved in Broadway and television.

The last 22+ years of my career were spent at Cosby Harrison Company, which began in 1937 as a publishing company. I spent a handful of years in Creative Services, and 17 years in web development working primarily in front end development and design, analytics, SEO, email marketing, tradeshow design and attendance from Scotland, Norway, and across the U.S.

In 2020, with the company in its fourth generation of management, the board decided to sell out to its competitor, sending me back into the freelance world and on the job-hunting trail for full-time employment. The COVID pandemic brought hiring to a bit of a stand-still, though I got an offer for a full-time job in October that I decided to take because it was really going to test my SEO skills, and keep my hands in a variety of websites, fixing things with tools like SEMrush, and other tools I enjoy using as well.

I would be thankful to speak with you how I might be able to help you in these areas, with what you may need in this digital world of ours, as well as how I can help your leaders and others connect with your customers, visitors, students, donors, website users... simply put, your audience.

On the personal side, I love music and I’ve played around Nashville with a variety of jazz groups. I enjoy sports, hiking around the Cumberland Plateau, museums, digging through bookstores, live theater, playing trumpet in the pit for musical theater, and all kinds of dogs for a start. 

I drink Diet Coke instead of coffee, but don’t hold that against me and I’ll pick up the ticket when we have a beverage together!


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